Which Takeout Leftovers Can You Re-Use

September 25, 2016


Why should you waste food, when you can make a perfectly decent and tasty meal by using leftovers?

Takeout meals are the perfect ingredient for cooking up a quick storm in the kitchen, especially when you know which ones you can use.

So stop being lazy and get cooking!

Beef Taco Brunch Chilaquiles

Who could say no to anything that involves eggs and avocado? These leftovers are your golden ticket to a whole array of easy brunch dishes, which you can whip up in a matter of minutes.

Carne Asada Burrito Fried Rice

There’s no better use of a rice cooker than for making a nice rice lunch dish out of your carne asada burrito fried rice leftovers. Imagine the magical combination of burrito ingredients in a healthy, daytime meal – there’s nothing quite like a cheese, rice, and corn combo to get your energy levels through the roof.

Pizza Scrambled Eggs

Why so surprised? Pizza is basically the meal of the gods, so it’s only natural that it can be used to make just about anything! “Pizza for breakfast” has never tasted so good, and you can add any ingredient that you want.

Waffle-Battered Chicken Wings

Waffles and chicken wings? Why not! The best thing about this unusual re-usable dish is that you can make it at any given hour, and it will serve its purpose magnificently. Another huge plus: apart from its amazing taste, this improvised dish will also look like you’ve spent hours on making it.