Want To Lose Weight For Good? This Is How You Should Prepare Your Food

October 6, 2016


Mid-January is the perfect time to start getting rid of the extra weight accumulated during the holiday season and start preparing for warm weather by getting back into shape.

Consuming easily digestible, boiled or steamed proteins is one of the most bulletproof ways to lose weight and keep it off, as this type of diet stimulates liver function and gets rid of toxins.

Broccoli and other green veggies that are high in protein should be the main focus of your menu, followed by eggs and lean, tender meat.

In order to keep supporting your body during the weight loss process, it is necessary to keep ingesting enough calories, but the trick lies in the source of calories you opt for.

You should be getting your calories from carbohydrates found in veggies, fruits, honey and whole wheat products.

Other sources of protein include low fat cheese, skimmed milk and fish. Reduce the intake of fatty foods and increase your physical activity for best results.