The Lettuce Diet

August 4, 2014

If you’re looking for a diet that is very low in calories, but high in minerals, vitamins and fiber, the lettuce diet is the ideal choice for you.

This is a great choice especially for short-term weight loss. The diet consists of a number of phases, all of which are effective, healthy methods of losing weight.

Throughout the diet you will be replacing everything you eat with a lettuce salad. To make the diet a little more pleasant (because it can get quite boring due to the lack of variety) you can use a few tricks.

Use more than just one type of lettuce, and you can even mix them all up if you want. Different types of lettuces have different tastes and consistencies: romaine, butterhead, looseleaf, iceberg, etc.

Phase 1

This phase lasts for 2 days and it requires you to consume ½ of a lettuce, which should be washed leaf by leaf and the chopped as finely as you want.

Add some salt, lemon juice and finely chopped fresh herbs (dill, parsley, etc.) for taste.

A cup of black coffee without sugar can be consumed also. When you wake up, drink a tall glass of water before you eat the salad.

You aren’t allowed to eat any other food besides the salad. Throughout the rest of the day you can eat your regular meal.

Phase 2

During this phase, which also lasts for 2 days, you have to replace both breakfast and dinner with the above mentioned salad. The same restrictions apply.

Phase 3

This phase lasts 3 days and it requires you to eat nothing but the salad during the whole day. Although you aren’t allowed to eat anything but the salad, you can eat of it as much as you like or need.

Phase 4

The fourth phase is identical to the second phase, and you are supposed to slowly return to a normal eating pattern. It also lasts for two days, and you can eat your regular meal at lunch while eating the salad for breakfast and dinner.

Phase 5

The final phase is identical to the first one, thus it requires you to eat the lettuce salad at breakfast, while eating your regular meals for lunch and dinner.