Smart Yoga Pants: Designed To Get You Into The Perfect Pose

September 23, 2016


If you’re a fan of yoga and you’d like to master it completely but you somehow just can’t strike a perfect downward-facing dog, don’t worry a second longer because fitness technology is here to rescue you! A new pair of smart yoga pants is about to hit the market, and they’re the perfect yoga partner/teacher.

The pants, called the Nadi Smart Fitness Pants, use vibrations to let you know whether you’re doing a pose right or wrong.

If you’re doing something wrong, the pants will buy you all the way through until you get into the right position. However, they also let you know as soon as you find the proper alignment, by vibrating more peacefully while generating an “om” sound.

The idea behind this ingenious piece of exercise equipment came from a product that Billie Whitehouse, CEO and creative designer at Australia’s Wearable Experiments, developed with Ben Moira, the co-founder, engineer, and CTO of the company, called Fundawear.

Fundawear, the vibrating underwear designed to help long-distance lovers stay intimately connected, got picked up by the Durex Company but it never hit the market. Whitehouse hopes that the same fate won’t strike the Nadi Smart Fitness Pants.

“We earned royalties on that product and then I moved to the U.S. and have been doing experiments,” Whitehouse said and continued to explain “People are wearing yoga pants all the time, so we thought, well this is what people are wearing, now how do we help them they know more about themselves than they did before?” Wearable Experiments wanted to create a pair of pants that were “personal, soft, and un-intrusive, and also helpful.”

The highly anticipated Nadi pants are lined with electronic sensors at various points along the leg, which allows the sensors to track the body’s movements. By using “haptic feedback,” the pants direct the person wearing them into the proper alignment. Thanks to a Bluetooth-enabled app, you can turn the pants off, and wear the simply as ordinary pants.