Run To Reduce Your Cholesterol

November 24, 2015


Running is one of the most comprehensive workouts that activates numerous lower and upper body muscles and produces various positive effects for internal organs.

Running reduces blood sugar levels and boosts the good cholesterol, provided that you run for at least two hours a week, which is doable even for beginners.

Two hours a week equals four half-hour running sessions within the 7-day period.

With the same amount of exercise you can also reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular problems by 5% in men, and 8% in women.

These figures do seem modest, but keep in mind that as your body gets stronger and can take longer running session they will increase to your advantage.

Exercises that are best for reducing cholesterol include those that increase blood flow throughout the entire body, such as running or swimming. Swimming is another great option for a total body workout, and in addition to being beneficial for the cardiovascular system, it also improves lung function. Swimming in the morning or before noon is the most effective, and keep in mind you shouldn’t swim for at least 2 hours after you’ve eaten.