Going Wild! What Does a Night Out Do To Your Body

May 29, 2014


We all love going out, being surrounded by all kinds of people, our friends and frenemies, dancing the night away, making the best memories and generally having a great time.

It is somewhat presumed that a night of painting the town red and making memorable moments involves big quantities of alcohol and (for the smokers at least) two packs of cigarettes. Not to mention drugs. Judgy Wudgy was a bear, that is true, but Judgy Wudgy had a point. Do we actually know what happens to our bodies after a night of full on binging?

Alcohol is (actually) not your friend

Your body doesn’t want alcohol inside of it. It perceives it as a poison, that’s why it fights it. A woman’s risk of breast cancer rises with every alcoholic drink she has.

Your digestive system gets haywired – the chemicals in alcohol can irritate the lining of the stomach; this leads to vomiting, which is bad for your teeth among other things.

Because alcohol is full of sugar, you may think you’re not hungry so your body doesn’t get any nutrients.

The sugar also triggers the production of insulin, which in turn reduces blood sugar levels; in case you were wondering why are you shaking like crazy the next morning.

Heavy drinking is bad for both male and female reproductive systems, not to mention it loosens one’s inhibitions which can be dangerous. Regarding the brain, alcohol can also cause brain cells to swell and mess with their functions for attention, sleep, co-ordination and memory.

Alcohol contains chemicals called nitrosamines that can cause cancer in the mouth, voice box, pharynx and oesophagus. Of course, your liver quietly seizes to exist with every drink you have on your night out, and the body’s ability to absorb calcium is being interfered with alcohol molecules, resulting in the softening and weakening of bones. Hello osteoporosis!

Drinking can also weaken muscles and cause pain and spasms in the arms and legs, and the damage to the body’s central nervous system by alcohol can cause permanent tingling or numbness in the fingers and toes. Like heels and constant standing in crowds weren’t enough. If you hadn’t noticed, your complexion worsens after every party and your skin starts to resemble an old handbag.

And although numerous studies have shown that moderate intake of red wine can protect against colds, Alzheimer’s and heart disease, it’s still bad for you; it weakens the heart muscle and its ability to pump blood through the body.

Drugs, cigarettes/chain smoking do not make you cool

Do we even have to say anything? Except numerous varieties of cancer, cigarettes are bad for your complexion and skin in general, teeth, hair and nails, circulation, etc. Drugs can have long term affects on your brain.