Food Tips That Resolve Insomnia Troubles

August 29, 2016


Have you been having trouble sleeping, but nothing seems to help you? The answer to your problem might be a lot easier (and much healthier) than you thought! There’s no reason for pill popping and hypnosis, because food is here to help save the day. Well, to save the night, actually.

Eat To Bring Your Sleep Pattern Back On Track

When it comes to the connection between food and sleep, nothing can stand next to dairy products. Rich in calcium, dairy calms and relaxes the body.

No wonder your mom always gave you a glass of warm milk before bedtime.

Another great dairy product to consume before bedtime is yogurt, believe it or not.

Dairy items (yogurt in particular) are packed with amino acids and other compounds that naturally induce sleep in the body.

Another food group that might help you go to sleep much faster is a group that has been largely avoided by the masses for the last couple of years. Carbs have a tendency to fill us up and make us a bit drowsy. Cutting carbs from your diet might be the reason behind your insomnia.

What To Avoid

As there are a lot of food “remedies” for insomnia, there are also a lot of foods that trigger the lack of sleep. Besides the obvious ones like coffee, make sure not to consume any meat products before going to bed.

Although it might sound logical to you, alcohol actually doesn’t do much good for your sleep pattern. Sure, it makes you feel sleepy and drowsy at one point, but it also has a tendency to cause a reaction in your body which will wake you up in the middle of the night.

Spicy food consists of components such as capsaicin, which disturb sleep by changing the body’s temperature. In other words, don’t nibble on any chili pepper before hitting the hay.