Completely Valid Reasons For Skipping A Workout

August 16, 2016


Hey, we are not the ones to judge! Although you really shouldn’t skip your workouts just because you “don’t feel like doing them,” there are some totally valid reasons why you definitely should. Sure, we’re all bombarded with (not so) subtle messages of “keeping it up,” and “never giving up,” but sometimes forcing yourself into something won’t do you any good.

Quite the opposite, it may harm you in both the short and the long run. Keep in mind that these reasons are not your average “keep out of gym free” cards, there just situations because of which your absence from the gym will be understandable to everyone, including your trainer and, primarily, yourself.

Every Inch Of You Is Sore

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it a million times more if needed: you need to allow your body to heal up properly, after working out (especially if after strength training).

You build muscle by breaking it down while exercising and your body needs time to replace muscle damaged by training.

If you’re feeling completely sore and every part of you is in pain, it’s probably the right time to take a day off.

You’re Injured

You can be as careful as you like, but if you work out on a regular basis, you’re bound to get injured eventually. Hey, you can get injured even while reaching for the remote, let alone while putting your body through all kinds of motions and dealing with all kinds of equipment.

Whether your injury is light of severe – if you have a boo-boo, you’ll be better off if you skip a day or two. If the injury is severe and you know you won’t be able to use that part of your body for some time, you can start working out again after a couple of days while avoiding any further aggravation of your injury.

You’re Sick

And we’re not talking about the sniffles. If you think you can handle a bit of activity, go for it, because that just might help you out. But if you’re feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck, or you’ve got a fever, or anything that makes mere standing feel like the hardest thing in your life, it would probably be wiser to fix yourself up before you start working out again.