9 Least Favorite Workouts That Give Great Results


If you are serious about losing weight and gaining muscle, you don’t care what you have to do to reach your goal, right? Well, not necessarily. According to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition (PCFSN), more than 80% of American adults do not get enough exercise.

To live a healthier and more active lifestyle, however, getting at least thirty minutes of moderate exercise every day is crucial. Some of the best workouts you can do are also some of the least favorite among exercisers, but doing these nine exercises throughout the week can get you on your way to a leaner, healthier you.

1. Walking

Walking for thirty minutes to an hour every day is the best way to start a new exercise program. As long as you keep a moderate pace and do not overexert yourself, people of all ages and health levels can safely walk.

In addition to helping you tone and strengthen your calves and thighs, walking is a great way to start working off that annoying fat right around your belly and even strengthens the arms and back.

It can help keep your blood pressure down and lowers your risk of developing diabetes and osteoporosis, among other diseases. It may even play a role in preventing cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Start by walking at a comfortable pace a few days a week. Once you are more comfortable with the routine, you can begin to walk every day, taking off one day a week to let your muscles rest. Eventually you can begin interval walking, which will allow your body to learn to quickly adapt to meet changing physical demands.

Walk slowly for a minute, then speed up to a jog for a minute or two, then drop back down to a moderate walk. After a few weeks of interval walking, you may find that what was once a tedious task has become one of the most anticipated parts of your day.